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5 Paddles Craft Beer Soap 5 Paddles Craft Beer Soap QUICK VIEW

5 Paddles Craft Beer Soap

Sold Out

For the man that truly loves to bath in beer.  And why not? This handmade soap is chock full of only pure, great ingredients like Olive oil, Sustai...
Cedarwood Soap QUICK VIEW

Cedarwood Soap

Sold Out

Cedar Wood Oil expands the heart chakra The Cedar Wood soap with its warm, woody aroma promotes a sense of grounding. The word Cedras means "po...
Grooming Kit QUICK VIEW

Grooming Kit

Sold Out

Are you a man on the go, or just someone who likes things kept tidy? This ample and handsome toiletry bag will keep all your grooming essentials gr...
Men's Manicure Set Men's Manicure Set QUICK VIEW

Men's Manicure Set

Sold Out

You can tell a lot from a good firm hand shake and the same can be said for well groomed nails!  This men's manicure kit contains 5 essential brass...
Men's Toothbrush Set Men's Toothbrush Set QUICK VIEW

Men's Toothbrush Set

Sold Out

Keep it clean on your dirty weekender with this pair of bamboo toothbrushes. Included is one brush with black detail and the words ‘Dark Horse’ and...
Sea Salt Soap QUICK VIEW

Sea Salt Soap

$ 7.50

Inspired by simple Swedish style and a traditional Swedish formula, this light fresh-smelling Sea Salt Soap creates soft suds for bathing while sal...
Shoe Shine Kit Shoe Shine Kit QUICK VIEW

Shoe Shine Kit

$ 25.00

What every gentleman needs. Buff & Shine shoe shine kit with 2 brushes, black and neutral polish, cleaning cloth. Presented in dark navy canvas...

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