Welcome to our latest celebration of the unexpected and the uncommon... the specialty of the house here at Josh Bach Limited!

Handsome and distinctive products designed as a pleasant departure from the predictable and the everyday. Whether designed by me, or selectively curated by my staff, each one of our items is meant to catch your eye,  make you smile, or evoke a fond memory.

When I founded my company over twenty years ago, I was one of the few pioneers of "thinking locally". In fact I was often asked why I manufactured locally when I could very easily have manufactured in China and increased my profit margins? Well, my profit margin has never been my only driving force.

I love New York. I would say 95% of my designs are inspired by my surroundings, the people I meet and  things I see in my city. I love living and working in New York and  immediately realized when I started my company, that New Yorkers are creative, talented, hardworking and skilled crafts(wo)men. Why not employ them and help the local economy?  Since 1993 my neckwear has been home grown, designed, and every stitch of it, sewn in New York City.

As you can see, I am a firm believer in "American Made". However, as a designer and enthusiast of all things unique and unusual, I also recognize that there are talented and creative artisans all over the world.  You may find some products on this website that come from abroad or are manufactured abroad.  In these instances, I can personally vouch that these products meet Fair Trade practices and are from responsible (usually small) companies who give back fairly to the communities they employ.

Having said all this, I sincerely hope you'll enjoy our product selection, and help spread the word about us.

--Josh Bach--


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