Our History and Mission

Twenty years ago, I, a young New York Advertising Art Director named Josh Bach, decided to leave the advertising world to start my own company in downtown Manhattan. Disenchanted by lack of originality I witnessed in the men’s accessories market, I made it my goal to build a company that addressed this void, offering cleverly designed, self-expressive men’s neckwear and accessories. I wanted to give men a selection of items that expressed their individuality and creativity.

The world of Josh Bach is best defined as Uncommon By Design. It is filled with wit, elegance and style. Handsome silk neckties featuring interlocking Lego blocks, scientific formulas, space invaders, and even vintage maps of world cities (of course New York), can be found among my designs. Pens featuring tasteful clips of sharks, baseball bats, wrenches, hammers, G-clefs or golf clubs. Cufflinks created from interesting icons like Legos, tennis ball skins, up-cycled car parts. Flasks lined in my original patterns like golf tees, baseball pitches, sharks, or the NYC transit system map. These are just a sampling of the creative gift choices I offer.

My Escher-inspired design style comes from my formal training in architecture. I have a hunch that this is why my patterns catch the eye of fashion and wardrobe stylists everywhere. My  ties have appeared in movies (worn by Brad Pitt in Fight Club - WOW!), on television shows (Friends), in magazines, around the necks of several celebrities, talk show hosts, financial gurus, heads of corporations, CEOs, newscasters. They are also featured in the permanent collection of the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology. I have also been asked to design ties for the National Football League, who has come to rely on my eye for their annual corporate-level Super Bowl efforts.

When I founded my company twenty years I was one of the few who were “thinking locally”. I wanted to remain in New York City and wanted to employ New Yorkers. I could very easily have chosen to have my neckties made in China, as many suggested I do, but I didn’t. My profit margin would have benefited, but one of my goals was to sustain the local economy. So, since 1993 Josh Bach neckwear has been designed, made and hand-finished in New York City.

Josh Bach neckties and accessories are distributed nationally and can be found in museum shops, boutiques, retail stores across the country and abroad, as well as in a multitude of catalogs and online stores. And obviously, our entire collection is available for purchase online here.






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