Introducing Josh Bach Neckwear, a world where mens silk neckties and bow ties meets clever patterns and whimsical charm. Our extensive neckwear collections feature 100% silk ties and bow ties in unique patterns that subtly communicate you're not part of the pack, you have your own point of view.

Our designs don't veer far enough to be novelty or unwearable, but rather push the envelope on the conventional striped tie, the floral silk prints, and the basic polka dots. In classic colors like black, blue, red, and light blue, along with more vibrant shades such as pink, and purple. They fit the bill whether you are shopping for a formal dress occasion, whether you want more playful bow ties to wear with dress shirts, or if you are looking for something fun to pair with your casual shirts and pants. 

Our fine ties and bow ties are crafted and sewn in New York City with meticulous attention to detail that effortlessly blends style and understated luxury. Each design tells a story and has a personality, and we guarantee one will suit your style. Reach beyond the navy blue tie or the floral tie, and look past the trendy light green and wear something that you actually enjoy wearing.  Enjoy our shop. 

Cheers - Josh Bach