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Inspired By New York City

I can't turn around in New York City without seeing something that inspires me. I also can't seem to walk a block from my New York City apartment without seeing somebody sporting a necktie.

Stands to reason, then, that I, a designer of witty but elegant neckties (...and other men's gifts) am in the right spot.

I studied architecture at The University of Pennsylvania before becoming a bartender-turned-advertising art director, and I live in New York's downtown Financial District, where the blur of ties in the morning and evening and almost every other time of day constantly reminds me that people need to lighten up, have some fun, but do it with style.

One day I looked down at my boring necktie and realized that neckties are just like blank canvases. Why must they just be filled with stripes and dots?  My original concept was to design witty and whimsical ties that were wearable. One of the first ones I conjured up was my Demolished Ballparks necktie, using design sketches of now-demolished baseball parks. Or my Stock Ticker that spits out stock quotes from neck to belt. Or, the necktie that's as useful for navigation as it is for fashion: the NYC subway map tie.

New York is one of the most dynamic places. It's so saturated with images, visuals, icons. Everywhere you look there is inspiration. In fact, one of my first necktie designs was based on an advertising poster that I took down from 32nd Street. You can't turn around without seeing something interesting. The inspiration is unending.

Uncommon By Design best describes the experience I wanted to create at Josh Bach Ltd… it's a reflection of myself, an experience of wit, elegance and style that focuses on bringing the unexpected and the overlooked into the realm of men’s gifts. Whether they’re silk neckties, roller ball pens, cufflinks, desk items or other accessories, all products at Josh Bach are meant to be a breath of fresh air.





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